When you’re trying to complete a project on a specific time line or in tandem with other work, an outsourced team could give your company the extra bandwidth and skill it needs. Contracting engineering services is not uncommon. Finding the one that is a good fit and actually saves your company time, money and resources is important. Here are a few reasons why outsourcing to an engineering team, including one like ours, could be a solid choice for your next big project.

Hiring an outsourced engineering team allows you to bring expertise to the table without the expenses of a full-time hire. They come in, assess the situation, provide the specific skills for your specific project and then they’re out. Research shows that hiring an outsourced team can help reduce labor costs by up to 30%. Plus, the programs and processes that this fresh team helps to put in place can also lead to additional reduced costs.

At Acropolis Engineers, we work with our clients to build processes that troubleshoot and provide the tools it takes to make your data more usable within your organization. This reduces the time it takes for you to reach and complete needed solutions and projects. You save time, resources and money.

During production, every day matters. Sticking to a schedule is critical not just to budgets, but to other teams (and their budgets) that are involved in the project. An outsourced team gives you extra time so your employees can focus on their key deliverables,  project management, reporting and other tasks that aren’t as easily handed to an outsourced engineer. Supplementing your staff with specific engineers who are all working on a coordinated, well-managed project can keep your project on task, on track and on time.

Acropolis teams also focus on time savings once a project is up and in production. Our goal is to identify and eliminate variability and ultimately reduce process flaws.

Handing a project off to a trusted third party allows you to put your focus and energy on other projects. We recognize the expectation that comes when you bring in an outsourced resource. That’s why we screen, check and verify that our engineers and project managers have proven experience. It’s critical to us that you receive the expertise you need during a specific time and can feel confident in our approach to managing a project’s various moving parts.

When we worked with Kris and Dana Bengtson, owners of Brice’s Brewing Company, we were able to handle the building of their taproom while they focused on marketing and sales. Click here to learn more about their project.

Experience can make the difference in project success and delays, overruns and additional costs. Matching an outsourced engineer’s skills to your needs, in many ways, defines a project’s potential for success.

Acropolis has deep experience in biopharma, cosmetics and consumer goods, food and beverage, and chemical processing. With multiple engineers and project managers who bring various expertise and backgrounds to the table, our team offers our customers competencies they can trust.

We employ the best and brightest process, electrical, and automation engineers to deliver the right solution the first time.

Sometimes we all really just need an extra set of hands or another opinion. An outsourced engineer or team can serve as an “extra set of eyes” to ensure your project is executed as efficiently as possible.

Acropolis prides itself on the relationships that we grow with our clients. We offer knowledgeable reviews while integrating with your team. And, that’s not easy when complicated projects and processes are at play. The caliber of our engineers allow us to support our customers as they need it, when they need it.

We pride ourselves on working with return customers time and time again to deliver solutions to solve problems of any size and complexity.

Your demand for engineering services will fluctuate. The next time you’re faced with augmenting your team, we encourage you to carefully evaluate what it is you actually need. An outsourced engineer or team may just deliver the expertise and bandwidth you need while saving you time, money and resources.