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Finding the Right Partner for Your Next Project

We’ve all had that business partner who’s a pleasure to work with and makes our job a breeze. But unfortunately, we’ve also worked with the individuals that somehow make life harder. When it comes to choosing an outsourced engineering or process controls partner, it’s vital that you choose someone who’s both qualified for the project and will work well with you and your team.

Do Your Homework
Make sure your partner is qualified. In addition to a solid resume, check their LinkedIn to see what others say. Always ask for a list of references and details from previous projects that are related to the work you need. Confirm that their certifications are current or determine if they have extra skills that could be valuable to you. These steps may seem time consuming, but they are important to better understand a partner’s work standards and professional reputation.

Find What You Seek
Do you work best with someone who’s super organized and structured or do you prefer a more flexible and creative partner? What’s your personality type and what personality traits best compliment you in a work environment? Answering these questions will help you narrow your search for a potential partner. Make sure to ask similar questions to your potential partner – this will help set a tone for the project and relationship.

Know What’s a No
If there’s a quality, personality or even just a schedule that will make the project difficult or even a little tricky, relay this requirement to everyone you talk with about the partnership. Defining these specifics early on will prevent you from potential disagreements, fall-outs or delays

Define Success
Goals should drive your project and are important in helping to determine the right partner. Make sure your potential partner knows exactly what you expecting both from them and for the project’s success. This will help set the proper tone and establish a clear direction moving forward.

At Acropolis, we want to be known for our productive partnerships. New client success and our long-term relationships are built by using the techniques outlined above.Time and again, we’ve seen the rewards that come from putting in the effort to identify, find and cultivate the right partner. We hope these tips will help you with any project you have. And, if you’re leading a project that involves our core skills, that you’ll put our team through the paces to see if we could be a quality partner for your project.